Our Glow Stick Pro Flex Handle was developed in a moment of sheer genius. In one magical, creative moment the greatest party/event toy in the history of all histories was born!


"They'll never figure out what you're doing,

but they'll like it!"


Four Glow Sticks attached to separate ends of a uniquely flexible handle with a soft rubber pro grip allow for an amazing display of swirling figure eights, intersecting circles, and many other inconceivable patterns above, below, and behind your body. 

When the lights go out, you'll be the center of attention! 

With the Glow Stick

Pro Flex Handle:


  • Learn to swing multiple glow sticks in minutes!
  • Practically perfect!
  • Nearly Impossible to tangle!
  • With one basic motion, innumerable patterns of light can be made!

Copyright Glow Stick Pro Flex Handle. All rights reserved. 

If you hit the dance floor anywhere in the land with the Glow Stick Pro Flex Handle expect a huge crowd to surround you. And yes, they'll want to play with it. People will probably think you're a glowsticking alien from outer space! The DJ may even lay down a track especially for you!


Give the Pro Flex Handle a try and you'll leave everyone wondering "what in the world is going on?" Go ahead, we know you wanna be that guy!


"Buy the Pro Flex Handle

Blow their minds!"

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"Swinging Glow Sticks has never been this EASY!"

"It may look simple, but don't let that fool you.

This thing is loads of fun!"

Check out our online store, and be sure to watch a few video's demonstrating this crazy, mind bending toy!

"Great for all KINDS of Events!"